Plano de aula: As mulheres na Idade Média

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Vídeo que aborda alguns aspectos da vida das mulheres na Idade Média. Contexto Tempo sugerido: 12 minutos. Diga aos alunos que a parte esquerda do slide mostra representações de mulheres na Idade Média e a parte direita traz fotos de mulheres dos séculos XX e XXI.

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Palavras-chaves: Trabalho. ABSTRACT Occupying the role of subordinated women over the years and since the beginning of civilization suffered oppression and discrimination based on gender and the way society understand their role, because in ancient times society comprised women only as a daughter, future wife and devoted mother. The wife always needed the permission of their husbands to give efficacy to their actions in the civil context. Woman back in times was only the genetic the one who was responsible for their children, however parental authority for it was a subsidiary manner. In the professional area there was no respect, the woman suffered discrimination and were always exploited working above their physical limits for up to 16 hours a day, always receiving wages below the salary compared to man. However, the woman contributed to the growth and development of society and has always been undervalued in the story, which always caused outrage causing them to fight for their rights and especially about work. After great struggles and attempts at improvement and equality, the woman managed to have their rights and duties guaranteed by law, achieving protection at all levels as well as in the workplace. Currently women are entitled to have equal earnings to men, to take up leadership position like so many other rights that the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil in and the Consolidation of Labor Laws ensure that was not possible before.

Mulheres de Atenas: a História por trás da música

Os resultados desencadearam um discussão sobre o prenoção de natureza entre os empregados restante valorizados da empresa: os que criam os recursos utilizados por quase dois bilhões de pessoas por mês. Quanto outras grandes empresas de tecnologia, quanto a Apple. A intervenção do viés de natureza também foi identificada por um trabalho da Universidade Politécnica Estadual da Califórnia. Outro exemplo: uma pesquisa de Harvard, MIT e Universidade da Pensilvânia revelou que investidores tendem a dar pitches narrados por homens restante persuasivos, lógicos e embasados em fatos que os de mulheres. O outro lado da moeda: se elas se mostram confiantes, enfrentam resistência.

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Gender development. Handbook of child psychology. Social, emotional, and personality development, 6th ed. New York, NY: Wiley; Sex Roles. Family patterns of gender role attitudes. The family contexts of gender development in childhood and adolescence. Social Development.

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